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Our Operational Methodology

At Lebitso Consulting Services we believe that no two organisations are the same and as stated earlier, we strive to provide tailor-made business solutions in line with the client organisation’s requirements/perceived project outcomes. As an operational principle, we function on a Nine (9) Phase Business Approach that aims to comprehensively address the implementation and execution of key inputs (Customised as per Terms of Reference/ Project Requirements) to achieve perceived operational outcomes.

The diagram attached, outlines the various phases of our operational methodology, ensuring that there is proper: –

Project Management and Reporting,

To ensure a systematic flow of events that can be measured, evaluated and monitored from planning to execution/implementation, closure and review: – Project Initiation and Definition – Project Planning – Project Execution – Project Closure

Stakeholder Management & Communication,

To develop a Project Communication Strategy/ Model aimed at ensuring a continued exchange of information and feedback between our consultants and the client’s project steering committee.

Skills Transfer and Capacity Building.

To ensure post project expertise availability and a model for impact assessment.

Portfolio of Evidence

Even though Lebitso Consulting Services is a newly registered company (2014), the expertise of the Team spans over 20 years of HR experience in both Consulting and Corporate. Some of the projects were executed under different companies.

Below is a list of Projects that were executed between 2007 to date.


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Our Clients and Associates

Clients and Associates